Birthdays, bachelorette parties, girl's night out, divorce parties: you name it, we've got you covered. Think 50 Shades of Grey, NSFW, "what happens at Pole Position, stays at Pole Position," unless, of course, you want to take what you learned back home to a special someone. Just sayin'.


Make It Rain Party 

Step into our "red room" as your stripper alter-ego. Spin, slide, and work it on the pole like you're trying to make a few bucks as the exotic goddess you are. You'll learn a full routine made just for you and your crew to your favorite song. Guaranteed these moves would make your Grandma blush (#sorrynana). 


Drop It Low Party 

Take no prisoners in this sultry, no-holds-barred party. Come learn a strip tease and lap dance routine made just for you and your crew to your favorite song; there's no telling what will happen when you discover your smolder.  Wear your sexiest outfit and a few layers to strip off with us. This party can be a couples' event or you can learn the routine with your girls and bring it home to bae!



Booty Bounce Party   

Jiggle, wiggle, and twerk it like there's no tomorrow! Let some downright dirty music move those cheeks in this high energy party you'll never forget. Wear something scandalous and loose that'll let you pop, lock, and drop it!